The new LED golf ball made by Night Flyer lights up at impact and stays lite for 10 minutes

NIGHT GOLF – The New Frontier

Phoenix, AZ – Rounds are down and golf courses are looking for new revenue. Night Golf fills that void. With unused time in the evening golf courses can now generate new found revenue.

“Night Golf is a major part of our revenue during the summer”. Josh Wamsley, Continental Golf Course, Scottsdale, AZ.

New technology has allowed course to host higher end more professional events. The new LED ball made by Night Flyer lights up at impact and stays lite for 10 minutes. It hits like a real golf ball and goes about 90% of the distance.

Currently there are approximately 2500 social night golf outings in the US. These events are just for fun and unstructured. The NGTA will take the industry to the next level by offering a manual on “How to Produce a Night Golf Tournament” and Planning Guide to assist planners host a better event and raise more money.

Golf course can generate new income through hosting their own events, bringing in outside events, food and beverage and selling additional merchandise. This could add $1000 to $5000 for an evening event.

Phil Immordino, President, NGTA says “The potential of the industry is huge. Golf Courses are looking for new revenue ideas, charities are looking for new ways to raise money and golfers are looking to play in something fun and different”.

Don Schlander, Executive Director, NGTA, says “We will help any group with their event. Membership is free and we have many tools to help these groups, seminars, conference calls, webinars, books and planning guides”.

Eric Dutt, Caesars’ Golf and NGTA Advisory board member says, “This is the New Frontier in golf. A way for Golf Courses to generate much needed new income”.

The NGTA hopes to increase night golf outings to over 5000 per year, greatly increasing revenue for the industry.