Tour Edge introduces the Hot Launch 2 Iron-Woods

New Hot Launch 2 Iron-Woods Continue to Make the Game Fun

Custom Affordability – 48-hour Nationwide Delivery Guarantee – Lifetime Warranty – Hand Built in USA

Batavia, IL (September 12, 2016) – Tour Edge introduces the Hot Launch 2 Iron-Woods, the latest version of one of the best-selling products in the company’s storied history. The Iron-Wood has been the quintessential product for Tour Edge Golf since 1999, and the new model under Hot Launch 2 continues the tradition of easy to hit, longer, high-lofted shots that land gently near the pin.

The first model of the Iron-Wood arrived in May of 1999, then called the Lift-Off Iron-Wood, taking the industry by storm as one of the first companies to come to market with this new ‘hybrid’ technology. The original taglines ‘The shape of things to come’ and ‘The revolution has begun’ were incredibly accurate in how the industry gravitated towards hybrids over the following years.

“The success of our Iron-Woods can be attributed to how easy they are to hit and control,” said David Glod, president and founder. “With 17 years under our belts of designing Iron-Woods we are at a point in the club’s life where it’s at peak performance and has a reputation all on its own. It was just a few years ago that we started making the Iron-Wood available as a comb-set and saw a resurgence in popularity. Now available as a customized Hot Launch 2 Iron-Wood set from 2-PW, we expect the legacy will continue to grow.”

The new Hot Launch 2 Iron-Wood clubhead is constructed from 450 SS hyper steel and features a thin forged face for more spring-like effect and distance. Outstanding forgiveness is attributed to the variable face thickness (VFT) technology for a larger sweet spot and easy to hit shots (amazing technology at this price point).

Every model of Iron-Wood has utilized a heavy sole, whether it was a tungsten sole weight, or a combination of a hollow hyper steel body and a heavy sole, as in this year’s model, to establish better MOI, and deep center of gravity for easy launch and added forgiveness on off-center hits. The new Hot Launch 2 is paired with an ultra-light weight shaft engineered by UST Mamiya – one of the hottest shaft brands in golf.

Truly Golf’s Most Solid Investment, the customized affordable Iron-Woods can be built to each player’s specifications — loft, length, shaft flex, grip size — at no extra cost. A new 48-hour delivery guarantee of Hot Launch 2 clubs sets Tour Edge apart with superior customer service. Whether the order is standard or custom, it will ship direct to the stores nationwide (continental United States), arriving 48-hours later, at no additional fee.

Hot Launch 2 Iron-Woods are available in right and left hand sold individually or as a complete set non-adjustable, available in 2 hybrid-LW. Suggested retail: $79.99 (Individually), $499.99 (7 PC Set).

Available to consumers: a #6 Iron-Wood special trial offer, $39.99 in men’s and ladies’ shafts. Club may be returned within 30 days for a full refund if you are not satisfied (US shipping addresses only). Customer service is now accepting trial offers the Hot Launch 2 #6 Iron-Wood. Projected to be in retail stores mid-September.

Every Tour Edge club comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day play guarantee.
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