LDRIC LLC Launches New Talking Mobile LDRIC (Launch Directional Robot Intelligent Circuitry) Robot at TPC Scottsdale

LDRIC LLC Launches New Talking Mobile LDRIC (Launch Directional Robot Intelligent Circuitry) Robot at TPC Scottsdale During the Waste Management Phoenix Open
LDRIC Aces 16th Hole During Pro-Am Event

February 16, 2016, New York, N.Y. – LDRIC LLC introduces LDRIC, the world’s first talking mobile robot that has the ability to play three sports and communicate with humans, cameras and an audience. LDRIC stands for Launch Directional Robot Intelligent Circuitry.

LDRIC made his first appearance at the First Tee clinic at TPC Scottsdale during the Waste Management Phoenix Open on Tuesday, Feb. 2, where he bantered with one of his creators, Gene Parente from Golf Laboratories, while hitting golf balls during a demonstration. The next day he wowed the crowd at the popular 16th hole by acing it during the pro-am event. This feat caught the attention of people worldwide. A recent google search of “robot hole in one” brought up 26,700,000 results and the youtube.com video posted of the hole-in-one by the PGA Tour has nearly 600,000 views.

LDRIC is a creation of Golf Laboratories and Dynes Unlimited Products. Gene Parente started Golf Laboratories in 1990 to create and manufacture robots to conduct independent testing of golf equipment. Golf Laboratories is regarded as the leader in independent testing for the golf industry. In 1994 Parente retained the services of Dynes Unlimited to design the Golf Laboratories robot. The robots have become the testing standard in golf with 40 purchased worldwide by nearly all of the major equipment manufacturers, the USGA and R&A.

In 2013, Golf Labs, along with Sean Dynes of Dynes Unlimited, developed a mobile, remote controlled version of the robot powered by lithium ion batteries. This four-wheeled robot can drive almost anywhere and hit any type of shot, from driver to wedge to putter, on a golf course. To assist in marketing the machine for entertainment, instruction and media, a partnership was formed with Gene Parente, Sean Dynes, Mike Abram of TGA Productions and PGA Champions Tour winner and network golf commentator Gary McCord.

“Golf is an incredibly difficult game,” said Parente. “To see it done well and consistently is attractive to the average player, the better player and the beginning player. And, to see it done by a robot is just cool! Not only does LDRIC play golf, it can duplicate any swing under highly repeatable conditions. We can simulate launch conditions, swing trajectory, landing angles – all of the technical data you can think of, we can duplicate.”

LDRIC recently completed a new overhaul of the robot to include a head and front screen which allows the robot to see, hear and communicate with a camera and an audience. He can also reach a clubhead speed of 130 mph.

“I believe LDRIC is the only robot in the world that plays golf, and not only that, it’s fun to interact with him,” said McCord. “We’re doing something exciting and golfers of all ages, have loved watching him.”

LDRIC will be used as an information source providing and quantifying data on swing and equipment tips using its exclusive bio-mechanical modeling system. It will also be available for educational outings involving children and adults. LDRIC is also available for live events and entertainment venues.

In addition to golf, LDRIC kicks soccer balls and footballs. For more information about LDRIC, visit www.LDRIC.com or follow on twitter @MyNameIsLDRIC.


The owners and members of LDRIC LLC are Gene Parente of Golf Laboratories, Sean Dynes of Dynes Unlimited Products, Mike Abram of TGA Productions, and Gary McCord.