Ship Sticks partners with Arnold Palmer Golf Management

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – December 7, 2015 – Ship Sticks, the world’s most trusted golf bag shipping company, announced today its marketing partnership with Arnold Palmer Golf Management, which operates Walt Disney World® Golf. The partnership highlights the way Ship Sticks can simplify travel for golfers planning a vacation to the Walt Disney World® Resort.

“Ship Sticks lets you ship your golf clubs directly from your home or office to the first course you are scheduled to play at the Walt Disney World® Resort, all at a price 40% to 60% cheaper than standard logistics carrier rates,” said Ship Sticks CEO Nick Coleman. “At the end of your trip, you simply leave your golf clubs at a Walt Disney World® Golf course bag drop, and Arnold Palmer Golf Management will manage the labeling and shipping of your clubs back home.”

“We are pleased to recommend Ship Sticks to our guests as a way to avoid the hassle of travel and added airline fees,” said David Moore, PGA Director of Golf. “Our guests can trust Ship Sticks to be reliable and cost effective, with a service that includes insurance and on time guarantees for guests’ golf clubs and luggage.”

Walt Disney World® Golf guests will receive a 10% discount on all Ship Sticks shipments if they are staying at a Walt Disney World® owned and operated resort.

About Ship Sticks
Ship Sticks is part online travel agent, part shipping company. The company’s custom technology platform plans and tracks shipments in a way that exceeds the sophistication of large logistics carriers, while enabling the company to charge 40-60 percent less than the major shippers. Each Ship Sticks customer is assigned a specific customer service agent at the time the order is placed, giving pros and average golfers access to a live Ship Sticks rep throughout the shipping process.