Kinetek Sports Introduces ClubHub – First-Ever Portable Golf Swing Analysis & Shot Tracking System

State-of-the-Art Technology Provides Real-Time Swing Analysis On-Course or On-Range, Connecting Golfers and Instructors Like Never Before; Golfers Can Now Purchase ClubHub Through an Online Campaign at Kickstarter

San Diego, Calif., August 31, 2015 … For the first-time ever, golfers and instructors will have access to a personal and portable system – for use both on the practice range and on the course – that accurately analyzes the golf swing, while automatically tracking shots from tee to green and delivering analytics directly to a smart phone app and the cloud, in real-time.

Today, San Diego-based Kinetek Sports officially introduced the revolutionary ClubHub™ swing analysis and shot tracking system, a comprehensive golf performance system allowing instructors and coaches to better evaluate and interact with students, from anywhere at any time. The launch coincides with a unique program that allows golfers a limited opportunity to purchase the ClubHub in advance — at a special VIP price — through the Kickstarter crowdfunding site.

ClubHub ( is scheduled to be available in widespread distribution in the fall, but Kinetek Sports will produce a limited supply of product for players seeking to become early adopters of the patented new technology when the company’s Kickstarter campaign commences on September 1st. A full ClubHub set will come with 14 sensors, one for each club in the bag, which are seamlessly and easily attached to the butt-end of the club and then quickly paired with the smart phone app.

“ClubHub is a breakthrough system that transcends the practice range and golf course, providing players with instant feedback on their game, and giving instructors real-time data to analyze performance,” said John Melican, President, Kinetek Sports.

An authentic performance product for today’s modern golfer, ClubHub is the first and only sensor system to capture real-time swing analysis and shot tracking data for every shot. Golfers simply make a swing and instantly see data on the app, including: club head speed, face angle, angle of attack, tempo and transition angle. Additionally, ClubHub’s shot tracking technology allows golfers to record rounds and scoring stats such as driving distances, fairways hit, greens in regulation and putting.

Added Melican, “Through ClubHub’s lightweight and unobtrusive sensors, golfers can track shot distances and locations during their round, see a 3D video of their swing, record scoring stats from a round and instantly share all swing info and round data with their instructor. It’s truly a unique way to connect a golfer and a teacher and drive game improvement.”

By viewing the data, instructors can monitor on course swing characteristics and course management skills to help students develop a better all-around game. And, perhaps most important to the game of golf, ClubHub features a unique application that captures data while the golfer is playing a round of golf, and then stores it for post-round analysis. This ensures that a entire round of data can be captured and stored unobtrusively, while pace of play is never compromised.

“ClubHub allows golfers to see their game like never before, while enabling golf instructors to track their students’ performance from anywhere,” said Pat Steusloff, CEO, Kinetek Sports. “Now, a golfer can take what they’ve learned or practiced on the range, apply it on the course, and see the results first-hand.”

As an additional feature, ClubHub provides in-depth map views with GPS distances to any point on the hole of any golf course, adding an even greater on-course, game enhancement value to the product.

Golfers or golf enthusiasts interested in being the first to own ClubHub can participate in the Kickstarter campaign located at, whereby they can obtain the product, which is in limited supply at the outset of the launch. Golf instructors interested in obtaining more information on ClubHub can contact Ali Proehl