New Club to Cloud Golf Technology Platform By Arccos

New Product Leverages Research from CALLAWAY GOLF® and Seamlessly Integrates with iPhone® Software to Enable Golfers to Easily and Automatically Track Their Play and Improve Their Game

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STAMFORD, CT – May 22, 2014 – Arccos Golf LLC will look to help change the face of how technology is used to most effectively connect avid golfers with their game with the unveiling of groundbreaking ARCCOS™ golf products, a Callaway Open Innovation Project — made available today for limited pre-order at the special price of $299 on Purchased units expected to be shipped in late summer 2014.

Developed using a first-of-its-kind club-to-cloud platform that integrates with iPhone® capabilities, the ARCCOS™ software presents a truly seamless way for golfers to use technology to help improve their game. The ARCCOS product features a set of virtually weightless smart club sensors that easily attach to the grips of each club. Once attached, golfers simply pair each club via Bluetooth to the ARCCOS app on their iPhone® mobile digital device and are ready to play.

Through Arccos’ proprietary real time GPS stat tracking, digital mapping software and sophisticated analytics platforms, the app will automatically know what course you are playing, track every shot and record data about your game. Players are able to access the data instantly – everything from distances hit to club averages, putts, GiRs and fairways hit – to help golfers identify patterns and refine tactics as they play.

The ARCCOS™ products are revolutionizing the golf world by introducing the following:
Fully automatic sensors – no tapping, touching or prompting before each swing. Players just need to pair the clubs to the app one time. No hassle with extra devices.
Real-time data and instant stats to improve their game on the fly
Full iPhone® integration
Proprietary Tour Analytics
The proprietary ARCCOS Tour Analytics platform is powered through an extensive partnership with Peter Sanders, “the father of golf statistics” with more than 25 years of experience and provider of statistical analysis for PGA Tour® players including Zach Johnson. ARCCOS Tour Analytics gives amateur players automatic access to PGA Tour® Strokes Gained methodology for the first time in golf. The analytics platform:

· Breaks down a players’ handicap into five key components – driving, approach, chipping, sand and putting
· Helps them gain insight on what every shot means
· Enables the golfer to understand exactly how each part of their game contributes to their scoring
· Reinforces the analysis with comparative data, from players with the same handicap, in each of the five components
· Evaluates intriguing playing patterns by showcasing the players’ entire golf history using ARCCOS that in turn helps them refine their on course tactics

“ARCCOS connects to your game, shot by shot, so you have the power to make better choices on the golf course,” said Sal Syed, CEO and co-founder of Arccos Golf, LLC. “More than a stat tracking tool, ARCCOS offers an easy way for golfers to get sophisticated analysis of their game and improve how they play.”

The company continues to develop exciting new features to add to the ARCCOS platform. With significant investment from Callaway research and development, ARCCOS is on track for a late-summer entry into the golf marketplace, a robust retail category that generates more than $25 billion a year with the average golfer spending more than $3,000 on new products annually.
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