A new name means exciting new growth for this golf management company.

SAVANNAH, GA (October 15, 2013) – What’s in a name? For Cornerstone Golf Partners, formerly CGL of Savannah, a new name, complete with updated branding materials, means new opportunities from coast to coast. Golf management company, CGL of Savannah, is proud to announce that the company will now operate under the name Cornerstone Golf Partners.

The name change comes on the heels of the nearly 20 year old company’s successful expansionary efforts. This new moniker will allow the company to continue to extend its reach and work with courses beyond Georgia and the Southeast.

CGL of Savannah was founded in 1994, as an answer for individual golf course owners struggling to compete against larger corporations. The Savannah-based company provides personalized marketing and management solutions that are vendor neutral.

“We chose the name Cornerstone for two reasons,’ says Alan Cale, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer of Cornerstone Golf Partners. ‘It refers to the foundation or the essence of a structure. We are setting a foundation for the expanding success and development of our company, as well as continuing to provide our clients the solid foundation needed to run a profitable course year after year.”

Along with the new name, the organization has also debuted a new website to complete the rebranding efforts. The website details all of Cornerstone’ s services, including customized solutions for course maintenance, golf facility management, golf facility marketing, accounting services, golf facility renovations and golf management consulting.

One thing that will not change is the quality of customized service and the record of success that has long been associated with CGL of Savannah.

About Cornerstone Golf Partners
Formerly CGL of Savannah, Cornerstone Golf Partners provides golf course owners with tailored solutions for their facility and market. Utilizing a vendor-neutral method, Cornerstone Golf Partners focuses on the strengths, opportunities, resources and goals of each facility and/or owner to ensure real returns and profitability.

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