STX Introduces the Pitch Black 2 Putter

STXSTX Introduces the Pitch Black 2 Putter – Another Black Blade From the Distinguishing Pitch Black Series

BALTIMORE, MD. – January 18, 2013 – STX Golf, known for producing classically inspired putters with a modern style, announced today that the company has developed the Pitch Black 2 Putter, another modern blade from the high performance and stylish Pitch Blade Series.

The Pitch Black 2 Putter introduction follows the launch of the Pitch Black 1 blade putter and the Pitch Black 3 mallet. The Pitch Black 2 Putter was designed specifically to provide a face balanced solution to the golfer who prefers the putting characteristics of a traditionally styled perimeter weighted putter.

As the name suggests, the Pitch Black 2 Putter features a distinguishing dark black finish on the putter head in addition to a black PVD shaft and black players’ grip. It weighs 350-grams, slightly more than the Pitch Black 1 Putter. For an exceptional optical set up, a brightly contrasting sight line has been precisely positioned to maximize confidence. The double bend shaft creates a clean look but more importantly it ensures the head is face balanced which means the Pitch 2 Putter will straighten a putting stroke on the forward motion – perfect for golfers who have little rotation in their stroke.
According to STX Golf Marketing Manager Jason Dengler, “The Pitch Black 2 Putter looks similar to the Pitch Black 1 Putter but they are different. The PB 1 is slightly off-centered with 30-degrees of toe hang, really suited for the golfer who have an in to out or swinging gate stroke as opposed to the PB 2, designed for a square to square.”

Every Pitch Black Putter features a brightly colored electric yellow, soft insert that optically jumps off the black head. This Soft Insert Technology is called “F.E.E.L.” – Friction Enhancing Elastomer Layer. This patented STX technology dramatically increases the coefficient of friction to put a greater amount of forward roll on the ball and start your putts on line. The Soft Face Insert keeps the ball in contact with the putter longer to also provide superior directional control, decreased ball skid and reduced ball deformation.

To elevate the center of gravity which promotes a forward roll, the Pitch Black 2 Putter features the signature STX Roll Pocket. This hallowed out portion of the head also distributes weight to the heel and toe portion which produces a larger sweetspot for better forgiveness and less twisting at impact.

The new Pitch Black Series will be available in stores for the 2013 spring season. Suggested retail is $149.99. For more information on the Pitch Black Series, visit the company website at or to learn how to win a new Pitch Black Putter visit the STX Golf Facebook page.

About STX:
The STX journey to produce world class, technically superior equipment began in 1970. Our mission is to offer products and choices that go beyond industry standards and conventional thinking. Our quest is to always pursue unprecedented feel and performance in each and every detail. When you choose STX, you can trust that we believe in your passion for the game just as much as we believe in the equipment with which you play. So join us on this journey… The Time is Now.


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