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Golfing Magazine Honors FOURTEEN GOLF RM-11 Wedges With Six 2012 Player’s Awards

Fourteen GolfIRVINE, CA – September 10, 2012 – FOURTEEN GOLF, recognized as the worldwide leader in wedge design with 46 professional tour victories since 2010, announced today that the RM-11 Wedge has received six 2012 Golfing Magazine Player’s Awards.

The totally new FOURTEEN GOLF RM-11 Wedge was tested amongst the best wedges on the market including the Ping Anser, Nike VR Pro Forged, TaylorMade ATV and more. The classical RM-11 Wedge with its enlarged grooves outperformed its competition by receiving an award in every category. It was honored with “Best Appearance,” “Best Performance,” “Best Forgiveness,” “Best Consistency,” and “Best Overall” awards. And, it was also the ONLY wedge to receive the 2012 Player’s Award for “Best Feel.”

According to FOURTEEN GOLF COO Marcy Kamoda, “For the RM-11 Wedge to be recognized in every performance classification is AMAZING. We hear positive feedback weekly from PGA, LPGA, and Touring professionals on the RM-11 Wedge but to receive this type of acknowledgment from readers, amateur golfers is incredible. These reviews validate the fact that the RM-11 Wedge can help every golfer, not just the professionals.”

The 2012 Player’s Award is an annual equipment review that is conducted and directed by the Golfing Magazine’s editorial staff but all the testing is done by the magazine’s readers. One of the many players who tested the RM-11 Wedge said, “Very nice traditional head shape with a solid firm feel off the club face on full and short shots around the greens. Excellent performer from any type of lies and very solid from the sand… slightly heavier weight let you know or feel the club head throughout the swing.”

“It is terrific to see the tester’s comments and how they recognized the stable feeling the RM-11 provides,” adds Kamoda. This solid and consistent feel can be attributed to the FOURTEEN GOLF signature “reverse muscle design.” The weight is perfectly proportioned on the blade and club head which creates stability through impact.

The Player’s Award reviewers presented the RM-11 Wedge with four and half stars for “Performance” and “Consistency.” The company credits these high ratings to their new trapezoidal grooves which have been increased by 15%. This increase in overall groove volume enhances spin retention particularly on partial shots and for optimal spin with precision and tighter tolerances, FOURTEEN GOLF mirror mills each groove.

The RM-11 Wedge was the ONLY wedge to receive an award for best “Feel.” The Golfing Magazine panel was so impressed with the soft feel of the high performance wedge; they honored it with a solo title and five perfect stars. For a distinct feel, durability and resistance to wear, FOURTEEN GOLF uses nickel chrome molybdenum steel on the RM-11 Wedge. In addition, this specialized material allows the high quality – high performance trapezoidal grooves to stay in perfect condition which ensures optimum performance.

“Our engineers and their design team consider the shapes and lines of our equipment a priority. This objective has resulted in the most stunning line of golf equipment on the market and the amateur judges noticed,” add Kamoda. As with all of FOURTEEN GOLF equipment, the RM-11 Wedge is a classically designed piece of golf equipment that the testers applauded its looks with a perfect score – five stars for “Appearance.”

The RM-11 Series of Wedges feature a different sole shape according to a specific loft. The 48-degree loft is designed for optimum performance and control with a full shot. The 56 and 58-degree lofts are engineered to employ or take advantage of the bounce with an approach shot. The 60-degree wedge is designed to assist with a high lob shot. The combination of perfect loft specifications, sole shapes and ideal bounces make the RM-11 Wedge incredibly forgiving and the 2012 Golfing Magazine testers took notice, they awarded it with four and half stars.

The RM-11 Wedge received remarkably high marks in every category including two perfect scores of five stars in “Feel” and “Appearance” but the most notable award is best “Overall” wedge. “We are proud and honored that Golfing Magazine has distinguished the RM-11 Wedge with five flawless stars in the category of best ‘Overall’ wedge. The company regards these awards with great respect and thank Golfing Magazine and its testers for including the RM-11 in their Player’s Choice Awards,” added Kamoda.

The RM-11 Wedges are available in one of the distinguished dealers that carry FOURTEEN GOLF including; golf specialty stores like Roger Dunn, Golfers Warehouse, Golf Mart, Vans and more. To find a FOURTEEN GOLF retailer, visit the company website at and click on the retail locator heading.

FOURTEEN GOLF is a burgeoning golf equipment company that takes great pride in their tour program. The company has recently signed PGA Professionals Chad Collins and Arjun Atwal. These two additions to the FOURTEEN GOLF professional staff proves that the FOURTEEN GOLF tour program is succeeding which is critical to the company’s overall growth initiative. The feed back they receive from the touring professionals furnish key information for the research and development team as well as provides keen visibility.