Graphite Design Announces the Top Three Finishers of the U.S. Women’s Open Played Tour AD Shafts

SAN DIEGO, CA – July 10, 2012 – Graphite Design, maker of some of the most widely played premium golf shafts on the PGA TOUR, announced today that the top three finishers of the U.S. Open played Graphite Design Tour AD shafts. A total of 8 of the top 13 women who finished in the top 9 positions also played Graphite Design shafts.

“We congratulate the winner and all the top finishers who played Graphite Design shafts at this prestigious event,” said Tak Yamada, President, Graphite Design. “Our line of high performance Graphite Design Tour AD shafts provides golfers with a variety of shaft options to meet their individual needs. We are pleased to see that so many of the top finishers have opted to play Graphite Design Tour AD shafts.”

The winner shot a 7-under 281 to claim a four-shot victory and earn her first major title. She and the second place finisher were the only two players to break par for the week.  She played Graphite Design Tour AD shafts in her hybrids. Seven of the other top 13 women who finished in the top nine positions also played a variety of Graphite Design Tour AD shafts in their drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.

Graphite Design’s Tour AD logo is featured on all of the company’s Tour-proven shafts to specifically promote “Accuracy and Distance” and has long been known for high quality and superior performance. This is represented by the company’s success that has been documented by professionals and amateurs alike. Graphite Design is the most dominant shaft on the JGTO Tour and has been for the past nine years.

Graphite Design International manufactures the highest quality shafts in the world for Pure Distance and Perfect Accuracy. Graphite Design shafts can be seen in play by the best professional players on the PGA, Nationwide, Champions, Japan, European and LPGA tours.  Graphite Design shafts reinforced its dominance on the Japan Tour, where it has claimed 163 consecutive graphite wood shaft brand counts — an unprecedented streak which dates to 2003. On the PGA Tour, Graphite Design shafts have helped professionals earn 83 victories since 2004 and millions of dollars in prize money. A total of 60 US distributors and 16 European and Asian distributors supply Graphite Design shafts to custom club fitters around the world.

About Graphite Design
Graphite Design, established in Japan in 1989 and in the U.S. in 1997, is the industry leader in shaft technology and the preferred brand for golf professionals worldwide. One of the world’s largest golf-club shaft manufacturers, the company made its mark manufacturing premium shafts for golf’s major OEMs, Graphite Design Tour AD shafts continue to be preferred by top club makers the world over while the company’s other models are extremely popular among avid and occasional golfers.

Revolutionary technology, design and sourcing the most advanced materials are trademarks in all Graphite Design shafts, making them the highest quality performance shafts on the market. Validating the company’s “AD” logo, all of Graphite Design’s PGA Tour-proven shafts specifically promote “Accuracy and Distance” and these key competitive advantages are helping professional and amateur golfers optimize their games after switching to Graphite Design shafts. For more information about Graphite Design, call 888.707.6132, e-mail, or visit