Keiser University College of Golf Recognizes New International Graduates

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. —  Golf is a growing sport and industry around the world, and Keiser University College of Golf is proud to announce the continued academic success of its international students.

Keiser University College of Golf recognizes Kamil Chojnicki of Warsaw, Poland, who successfully completed his Associate of Science degree in Golf Management. He has attended Keiser University College of Golf since February 2011 and plans to play on the Polish and German tours and teach after graduation. Another Polish-born student, Matsuez Kniaginin, also from Warsaw, is graduating this month as well.

“I already had a bachelor’s degree in management but decided I did not want to work in an office all day so I switched. I have a passion and love for golf and being here at Keiser was the best experience of my life,” said Chojnicki, who chose Keiser University College of Golf over golf education facilities in Spain and Australia. “There’s no better place to study golf management than right here.”

Chojnicki and Kniaginin have fulfilled the educational requirements for credit hours that completed courses in golf course design and maintenance, golf club fitting and repair, tournament operations, retail management, golf history and many other aspects of golf course management and the game overall.

“We’re very proud of Kamil, Matsuez and all of our international graduates,” says John McMurry, Campus Vice-President of Keiser University College of Golf. “Golf is a universal ‘language’ and our students come from all around the world to share their love for the game and to establish the necessary academic foundation for a successful career.”

The Keiser University College of Golf features a 20,000-square-foot facility includes a 1,500-square-foot indoor putting green, advanced launch monitor technology, TaylorMade MAT-T swing analysis system, an interactive golf simulator provided by ForeGolf powered by SIRGUL, and a golf club repair lab equipped by Mitchell Golf Equipment. Students also receive access to the highly acclaimed PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance where they can practice on a 35-acre lighted practice range, short game areas, bunker facility and extensive putting greens. Keiser University College of Golf also gives students daily access to several PGA Master Professionals, such as Brian Hughes, Dr. Eric Wilson, and Golf Magazine top 100 teacher T.J. Tomasi.

International students are accepted at Keiser University College of Golf with an F-1 visa that is good for the length of the program.

Keiser University’s Associate of Science degree in Golf Management prepares students for a variety of positions in the golf industry. In this program, students are prepared to provide golf instruction, manage golf course operations, ensure appropriate maintenance of golf facilities and equipment, as well as integrate the play of golf into the broader hospitality and recreation domain. Keiser University’s Bachelor of Science degree in Golf Management focuses on the managerial and business aspects of a career in golf. The curriculum supports an expanded professional role of sports managers and graduates of associate degree programs in golf, hospitality, fitness, sports, recreation and other related fields.

For more information on attending Keiser University College of Golf, please contact the College of Golf campus at 1860 Fountainview Blvd, Port St. Lucie, Fla.; online at; or call 888.355.4465.