Bringing Together The World of Golf and The World of Crowd Sourcing

March 21, 2012 (SALT LAKE CITY) – rulegolf, a leading innovator of quality
golf accessories, announced today that the company launched a Kickstarter
Campaign to support its new rulefourteen invisibrushT golf towel.
Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform, connects entrepreneurs
with direct market funding to bring new products to market.

“Consumers at the PGA Show and Spring Golf Expos absolutely love our new
rulefourteen towel,” said Joe Borgenicht, invisibrushT inventor and rulegolf
owner. “And now we have to find more of them. Going to Kickstarter with
our new golf towel is the perfect match for helping us, as a small business,
reach a greater audience and market. These days, just putting products on
store shelves doesn’t do the trick.”

Borgenicht decided to launch the new rulefourteen towel via kickstarter for
a number of reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that the value of the
bricks and mortar retail marketplace has taken a beating. Last year alone 50
million customers shopped online on Black Friday and on Cyber Monday
online shoppers spent $1.3 billion (as reported by the NY Times). With more
and more people shopping online, Borgenicht decided to launch an exclusive
opportunity direct to those who are spending their time on the internet
looking for the next ground-breaking product.

“The really cool thing about a Kickstarter campaign is that it can speed up
the process of getting our product into the end-user’s hands,” says
Borgenicht. “Often, our larger retail partners will wait for a full sales cycle or
two for a product to prove itself before giving it shelf space. At Kickstarter,
the space is available for those with the ability to produce a product or
concept, and the ‘proof’ is quickly realized with a project’s success.”

Considered a breakthrough in golf towel technology, the invisibrushT golf
towel is an all-in-one, hybrid towel that combines an absorbent microfiber
face with a coarse, brush-like scrubber backing. Designed to simplify golfers’
games and to save time, the patent pending invisibrushT towel cleans into
the grooves of a golf club better than a towel or brush alone.

Now in their fourth year, rulegolf’s increasing sales are driven by a focus on
creating quality products that golfers will buy for themselves and for their
golfing partners. With new distribution partners in the US, Canada, UK,
Europe, Japan, Australia and Mexico, golfers around the world are
discovering and enjoying rulegolf’s innovations.

The invisibrushT towel, like most of rulegolf’s products, is made in the USA.
Currently available in two sizes: Player’s (20″x40″) for $30 and Bag
(16″x 28″) for $25, this new revolutionary towel sells in white and black.
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