Properly Sized Golf Grips, Lower Scores Go Hand in Hand

lamkinLamkin Expands 2012 Offering to Include the Industry’s Widest Selection of Grip Sizes

SAN DIEGO (March 20, 2012) – According to the latest industry research, most  golfers use poorly fitted grips – often relying on standard-issue grips that come with their gear – which could explain countless errant balls or extra swings.  Fortunately, Lamkin Grips’ 2012 line now offers the industry’s most extensive selection of grip sizes, ensuring golfers can be matched to their ideal grip.

“A grip is the only point of contact between the player and the club, so if the fit isn’t perfect, the swing suffers,” explains CEO Bob Lamkin. “With the right fit, a golfer can build consistency, control and improved play.  I challenge anyone playing with standard-issue grips to regrip just one club and compare.  The difference is compelling.”

When developing their 2012 product line, the company was focused on helping golfers play better by offering the widest possible assortment of custom-fit grip solutions.   The Lamkin portfolio now includes SEVEN undersize grips, TEN midsize grips (including the industry’s only midsize full-cord grip) and SIX oversize grips– each of which can be adjusted to a perfect custom fit with additional layers of tape.

“The right grip will feel comfortable, fit properly and ultimately, help you control your club,” Lamkin notes. “Golfers should look at grips the same way they do their shoes – if the fit isn’t just right, the game will suffer.  Regripping to your proper size is the most economical way to dramatically improve your game.”

Lamkin is helping golfers quickly and easily identify just the right grip by installing new Grip Fitting Centers at more than 70 GolfSmith stores nationwide.  Like the foot measuring device used in shoe stores, Lamkin’s Grip Fitting Center measures two factors: hand size and finger length. Those two measurements help identify a golfer’s optimal grip size for comfort and performance. Golfers then select the most appropriate grip from the display featuring Lamkin’s extensive and award-winning collection.

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