SKLZ Introduces Line of Self-Guided Golf Fitness Training Tools

CARLSBAD, CA — January 23, 2012 — SKLZ, the industry leader in athletic performance and sports skill development products, announced that it has introduced its line of self-guided training products with an assortment specifically designed for golf. Products include the TRAINERball® GOLF exercise ball and the TRAINERmat® GOLF training mat.

“Having the right fitness tools is important, but knowing how to use them as part of a workout regimen… that’s critical,” said Greg Shoman, vice president of marketing, SKLZ. “By incorporating illustrated exercise instructions onto our line of self-guided products, golfers literally have full training programs at their fingertips.”

The line consists of golf-specific athletic performance products designed for golfers to get the most out of their golf fitness. Each product in the line includes essential exercises designed by SKLZ partner Athletes’ Performance, trainers to the world’s most elite athletes. Comprehensive instructions and easy-to-understand illustrations make it easy for golfers to perform each exercise correctly.

The TRAINERmat® includes 24 essential exercises printed on the mat for building core stability and torque for a powerful and consistent golf swing. Golfers can easily integrate these exercises into their pre-/post-round routine to help reduce the risk of common golf injuries. The mat is made of durable, phthalate-free materials and measures 6’ x 2’ with a ¼” thickness for maximum comfort and versatility. MSRP is $29.99.

The TRAINERball® features 16 exercises printed on the stability ball. These exercises are designed to optimize a golfer’s core strength and flexibility. The 62cm ball is made of material that is long-lasting with a durable-burst rating of 500+ lbs. A hand pump is included. MSRP is $29.99.

For golfers who want more comprehensive training programs, the SKLZ website includes over 50 golf-specific instructional videos including a variety from Tour instructor Rick Smith and Athletes’ Performance. These videos provide golfers with drills to improve both golf mechanics and fitness.