Boccieri Golf Sales Surge with Increased Retailer, Consumer Demand for Heavy Putter Belly and Long Models

Only Manufacturer Equipped to Immediately Fulfill Orders Has Seen Category Grow to 40 Percent of Sales

(RIDGEFIELD, CT) – Boccieri Golf reports sales of belly and long-shafted versions of its Tour-proven Heavy Putter have surged and accounted for 40 percent of revenue the past two months, thanks to the company’s ability to quickly and easily convert any of its award-winning models to a custom length.

Given its unique position, Boccieri Golf has been the only major OEM properly equipped to fulfill all orders from green grass and off-course shops. This is driven by the fact that each Heavy Putter already features the extra head weight that is necessary in belly and long-shafted putters.

“What started with PGA Tour stars has become the dominant trend in the putter category and we’ve been a go-to source as others have scrambled to fulfill retail orders,” says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. “Beyond industry-best turnaround time, we have many head styles and finishes to choose from, unlike other brands with limited options in longer lengths.”

To better suit inquiries from all market segments, Boccieri Golf has added a section to its website for players looking to purchase longer putter models at This includes information on key elements such as properly measuring for length and the various blade and mallet options.

Standard length Heavy Putter models include a counterweight under the grip. This back-weight is modified in belly and long putters to accommodate the increased mass of a ski-pole shaft and 21 inch or two piece grips. Adjusted to suit the Heavy, Mid or Lite series, the specifically-placed weight engages the body’s larger muscles for a consistent swing path, uniform pace and precise distance and directional control.

Heavy Putter heads for custom length putters are available in LITE-WEIGHT, MID-WEIGHT and HEAVY-WEIGHT options. The different weighting schemes are:

LITE-WEIGHT Series: 375 grams
MID-WEIGHT Series: 400 grams
HEAVY-WEIGHT Series: 465 grams
Custom Options will be made available at the new Boccieri Golf Research and Performance Center in Scottsdale, AZ to better dial in on the correct lengths and balance point necessary to optimize belly or long putters.

For more information please visit or call 888.788.8374.