Innovex Golf announces the acquisition of Rife Putters, LLC

(Medina, WA) – Innovex Golf ( announced today that they finalized an agreement to acquire Rife Putters, LLC, formerly the #1 Putter on the Champions Tour on Friday, November 18th. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

This acquisition signals the resurrection of Rife Putters, who for the past year has struggled to manufacture and distribute product due to a lack of funding. With an influx of capital and a new management team in place, Rife Putters is determined to regain its market share and reclaim its spot as the #1 Putter on the Champions Tour.

“Innovex Golf and Rife Putters share the vision of providing Tour quality performance and playability to its customers at an exceptional value,” said Robby Hipp, Director of Development. “Rife’s reputation in the golf industry is second to none. That coupled with the recent success of the E-Motion and V-Motion golf balls from Innovex is the combination that we feel will take this company to the next level.”

The Innovex Golf and Rife Putter brands will continue to be marketed independently but cross-promotional opportunities will be offered at both the wholesale and retail levels. The company plans to operate bicoastal offices located in Medina, WA and Sanford, FL. The Rife Putter Fitting Studio will remain open at the Sanford location.

Former Chairman of Rife Putters, Jim Barfield, will be staying on with the company as the Head of Tour Operations.

About RIFE Putters

RIFE Putters, LLC is the true innovator behind horizontal grooved face putter technology with a patent on specifically sized grooves since 1997. These precisely spaced grooves allow the putter to gently press into the cover of the ball and grip and lift it into an instant forward roll. Rife Putters states, “just as grooves in irons help control spin so do grooves in a putter face.” Other companies are now trying to imitate this patented technology but the spacing of the grooves is the true key to the gripping and lifting effect of grooved face putter technology. Horizontal RollGroove™ faced putters create the truest “no skid” roll in golf no matter where you hit the ball on the putter face.

For more information on RIFE Putters visit their website at

About Innovex Golf

Innovex Golf started out with one goal in mind – to design the holy grail of golf balls. After launching the new V-Motion Tour and E-Motion Tour golf balls in early 2011, it became quickly apparent that they had achieved their goal. With the V-Motion and E-Motion golf balls from Innovex Golf, Extreme Performance meets Extreme Value.

The V-Motion Tour is a 3-piece premium ball designed for golfers who demand Tour Level performance and playability. It has a cast urethane cover for high spin along with a compensating speed core for distance. It is built to compete with the best golf balls on the market and it does. The V-Motion received a 2011 Golf Digest Hot List Award including 4 stars in the Performance and Innovation categories.The target audience of the V-motion is lower handicap golfers looking to improve their game and to reduce their costs as well as mid handicap golfers who want a better ball at a mid-price point.

The E-Motion Touris a 3-piece surlyn performance ball, designed with a Progressive Motion Dual Core to fly farther, spin faster, and feel softer all while offering great durability.  The proprietary Aeroblend Cover features Aerocontrol parallel dimple dividers that smooth airflow for increased flight distance and stability while roll promoting dimples enhance putter feel and confidence. Innovex Golf’s engineering team has designed this ball to be the best ball for all weather conditions and to offer you a tour caliber ball with excellent durability.