SkyGolf® Debuts SkyCaddie® Dining, Deals & Distance Promotion

RIDGELAND, Miss., May 19, 2011 … Today, SkyGolf®, pioneer of the GPS rangefinder category, introduced Dining, Deals & Distance, a unique promotion offering golfers the chance to purchase the revolutionary SkyCaddie® rangefinder and receive a wealth of money-saving member benefits while also saving strokes with the most accurate GPS rangefinder in golf.  The only GPS rangefinder powered by a worldwide library consisting of nearly 30,000 high-precision golf course maps, each ground-verified with sub-meter, survey-grade equipment, golfers can now enjoy the trust and reliability of a SkyCaddie®, which is the closest rangefinder to a Tour player’s yardage book, and save money, too!

The Dining, Deals & Distance promotion offers a number of valuable savings for golfers who become SkyCaddie® Silver Advantage members, including up to $100 in DiningDough™ Gift Certificates that are redeemable at 18,000 restaurants nationwide.  In addition, members receive up to $60 in SkyBucks™, which provide significant discounts on golf accessories, and other products and service offerings from SkyGolf’s growing community of partners.  Further, members also receive Loyalty Reward Dollars, to save on an upgrade to the next generation SkyCaddie®.

In addition to saving money, members receive unlimited access to the most complete, most reliable course library in the game, with no hidden fees or per course charges.  SkyCaddie® Professional Mappers were trained to map golf courses the same way a Tour Caddie walks a course to verify a yardage book.  Only SkyCaddie® maps are created with sub-meter, survey-grade equipment that records thousands of points on each course to verify the exact locations of targets, hazards, fairway run outs, major green contours, false fronts and the perimeter of every green with dynamic front carry and back numbers.  In fact, SkyGolf® estimates that it invests up to 10 times as much money and time, compared to its competitors, in making sure course maps are accurate and reliable.  In contrast, all GPS devices, except SkyCaddie®, use tracings of aerial images to make their maps.  Research proves that this approach is inferior because a course map based on aerial imagery will have inherent inaccuracies and become easily outdated, especially as most courses go through periodic updates.

“Whether a golfer’s handicap is 2 or 22, inaccurate distances from unverified maps will hurt his or her game, especially with GPS systems,” said Richard Edmonson, CEO, SkyGolf.  “A GPS system can be no more accurate than the map it uses.  If the map is wrong, so are the distances.  GPS products, which provide maps created in an office using third-party aerial imagery that can be 3-5 years old, or older, do so to save the time and expense of going to the golf course to get it right.  SkyGolf believes a golfer’s game deserves the same trusted, reliable yardages that a Tour Pro depends on, and one of our modestly- priced memberships is the best investment a golfer can make in terms of game improvement.”

SkyGolf® Debuts SkyCaddie® “Dining, Deals & Distance” Promotion … Add One

As of 2011, SkyGolf® offers nearly 30,000 course maps across the globe – the largest collection of ground-mapped courses on the planet.  This library grows larger every day through SkyGolf’s relationship with each golf course.  Once notified that a course layout has changed, SkyGolf® sends out mappers to update that course map again.  Since 2001, SkyGolf has re-mapped over 25,000 courses in its database in order to make sure every feature of the course is accounted for and has been re-mapped.  On the other hand, if a course library was based upon the aerial imagery of a third party, it could take years to get the course updates from those images, and golfers would still not know if the distances were correct.  SkyCaddie® is the only GPS rangefinder that produces 100% of its own data and bases all of its distances from sub-meter ground verification.

But accuracy and reliability are just the beginning of SkyGolf’s Membership story, as the Company also provides members with access to ClubSG, a passionate and growing online community where players can come to connect to their Game, their Courses, their Equipment, their Golf Professional and each other.  ClubSG, which is located at, was launched in 2010 and has quickly become golf’s fastest growing online community with hundreds of thousands of passionate golfers, eager to enjoy better experiences on and off the course, by motivating each other to improve, celebrate their successes, and attract new players to the game.


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