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REKS Launches HD Digital Prescription Lenses Delivered in Unbreakable Frames

Written by: Tony Korologos | Date: Tuesday, April 10th, 2018
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 Impact-Resistant Lenses With Greater Field of Vision and 10X More Clarity Thanks to Back of Lens Placement of “Add” Power, Compared To Traditional Manufacturing Techniques

REKS® eyewear is pleased to announce the introduction of prescription lenses for its leading unbreakable frames at prices 40-50% less than typically found in optical stores.

REKS® burst on the eyewear scene two years ago with comfortable, fashionable and unbreakable frames paired with the best lens value in the marketplace ­– polycarbonate polarized lenses with anti-reflective coating for an incomparable price of $50.


“We paid close attention to customer feedback over the past two years and the most frequent request we received was whether we could provide prescription lenses in our unbreakable frames,” stated George Granoff, CEO of REKS®.  “Our team has met this challenge and now offers prescription lenses featuring the industry’s best technology at excellent prices, true to REKS® tradition of packing a punch with style, comfort, quality and value.”


“Since its debut, REKS® eyewear has rewritten the book on frames and lenses in a way that has impacted the sunglass industry,” added Granoff.  “Consumers have long paid artificially high prices for quality eyewear. Our high-quality, polarized lenses bring together innovative frame technology and superior lens manufacturing to offer best-in-class optics to our customers at popular prices. We are excited to launch the REKS® prescription line and offer prescription eyewear customers the same comfort and style, with vision correction, in our unbreakable, top quality frames.”


REKS® prescription lenses will be manufactured with the latest freeform digital technology that produces a high definition lens with greater field of vision and improved clarity over traditional lens manufacturing techniques. Digital generators place the complete design and Rx, including the “add” power on the back of the lens, closer to the eye. “This type of digital pinpoint manufacturing cuts the lenses in hundredths of a diopter and not the usual 10th of a diopter, thus creating a lens that is 10-times more precise than the traditional manufacturing process,” added Granoff.


In addition to polycarbonate lenses that are the standard in the industry, REKS® is also pleased to offer Trivex lenses. Trivex lens material was originally developed for use by the military for helicopter windshields and fighter jet canopies. Then, in 2002, PPG Industries tailored the chemistry of the material specifically for use in optical lenses, making Trivex one of the most lightweight, impact-resistant eyeglass lens materials available.


Because of the way Trivex is manufactured, it has less chromatic distortion than a polycarbonate lens, resulting in a sharper visual experience. “A high definition Trivex prescription lens is what many eye care professionals consider to be the best combination of safety, comfort, appearance and optical performance,” said Granoff. “We are truly excited to offer this leading lens technology to our unbreakable frames to create a line of industry-leading eyewear for consumers who are looking for stylish and functional glasses at an affordable price.”


Anti-reflective coating makes such a difference in lens appearance and performance, REKS® will not deliver a lens without it. Therefore, AR is included for no additional charge. This microscopic coating eliminates light reflecting from the front and back surfaces of the lenses, giving the lenses a crystal-clear appearance. Additionally, all tints and gradient tints are offered at no additional charge.


REKS® provides a 30- day no-questions-asked money back guarantee in addition to a 1-year warranty against scratches.


REKS® HD single vision polycarbonate lenses with anti-reflective coating, including frame, will sell for $125.00
REKS® HD progressive polycarbonate lenses with anti-reflective coating, including frame, will sell for $225.00.


About REKS®

Founded in 2015, REKS® is a performance and fashion sunglass brand that emphasizes high quality polycarbonate lenses with iconic, classic frames in a range of colors and finishes. With in-house designed unbreakable frames and lenses that are shatter-resistant, lightweight and offer 100% UV 400 protection, REKS® eyewear is suited to the consumer who demands flexible and unbreakable sunglasses that provide comfort and stability in all conditions at affordable prices. REKS® offers six iconic frame styles, creating a collectible line of eyewear to suit every sport, style and mood.

See the world through superior optical quality with REKS®. Your journey starts here. Visit REKS.com to learn more. #BeUnbreakable.

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