Sacks Parente Golf Introduces Series 54 Mallet Putters ​

CAMARILLO, CA, January 17, 2019 – Sacks Parente Golf Company, builders of exceptional putters that defy convention, introduces its innovative new Series 54 mallet putter. The Series 54 features Sacks Parente’s patented Ultra Low Balance Point (ULBP) technology that lowers the balance point along the shaft between the sole and a point not more than 5 inches above the sole, causing the putter head to square and release at impact, delivering exceptional rollout and accuracy.


“We thought about this putter for 2 years before we even started doing the CAD work on it,” said Steve Sacks, Co-Founder of Sacks Parente Golf. “We had two major goals – make this mallet extremely forgiving on off-center hits and make it easy to align. We feel we’ve effectively accomplished both goals.”


The Series 54 is available in both a Players Edition and a Tour Edition and features a perfectly flat crown that starts low at the back of the putter and ramps up to the full height of the face to optically eliminate mis-alignment. To further aid alignment, the putter is available with either a Striped Crown (SC) or a Vernier Acuity (VA) crown to help the eyes follow to the target and visually simulate a track to the intended target.


Multiple stripes have a history of making visual alignment easier. The SC is designed to help the eyes follow the ramped shape towards the intended target, enabling golfers to line up putts more consistently and make more putts. The VA model was designed for golfers who don’t find the striped crown beneficial. Vernier Acuity is defined as the ability to see dis-alignment between two lines. This is enhanced when the outside lines are of a different color from the inside line and having outside lines slightly thinner than the inside line. Simply put, the Vernier Acuity system will help some players maintain focus on the center target line and make it easier for them to aim at the intended target resulting in more putts made.


Strategically placed tungsten weighting in the Series 54 head creates an extremely high MOI and moves the center of gravity towards the face to counter the detrimental result of gear effect present in other mallet putters. The exceptional weighting and alignment systems will enable golfers to accurately line up and make more putts. In addition, the Series 54 hosel position is offered in center shaft or heel shaft locations. A variety of hosel types are available to meet every golfer’s need. In many models, hosels are replaceable and adjustable for lie angles.


Sacks Parente uses a standard head weight of 350-360 grams and has focused on technologically advanced shaft and grip design to solidify their ULBP technology. Sacks Parente shafts have been engineered from the ground up to meet specifications never before contemplated in a putter shaft. These shafts weigh between 30-35 grams, are extremely stiff, and transmit a feel not achievable with steel. Achieving this level of performance at less than 1/3 the weight of a typical steel shaft is an engineering marvel that translates to more putts made.


At an average weight of 30 grams Sacks Parente grips are less than half the weight of typical grips found in today’s market. These unique grips are designed and engineered to enable the ULBP technology, and to also meet the SPG specific requirements for feel and comfort. They come in three variations, to meet every golfer’s unique grip style.


Several patented and patent applied for technologies are in play with the Series 54 mallets. “Sacks Parente brings together two legends in the golf industry,” said Tim Triplett, CEO of Sacks Parente Golf. “During the course of their careers, Rich Parente and Steve Sacks have been responsible for the design and marketing of multiple break-through golf products. We’re excited to introduce their latest break-through putter designs.”


During the past five decades, Rich Parente has been an industry leader with design innovations that have changed the way golf clubs are designed and manufactured. He was the first President of Callaway Golf after co-founding Hickory Stick in 1980, which was renamed Callaway Golf in 1982. He was also a co-owner and President of Goldwin Golf, and founded Golf Laboratories. Rich was a 20-year PGA club professional and has nearly 40 patents granted and pending.


Steve Sacks has been in the golf industry since 1974. In the last 40+ years he has been a pioneer in golf marketing and manufacturing. He has done extensive research in the use and effectiveness of alternative materials for golf club manufacture and in golf club design. He co-founded Goldwin Golf, and was the Director of Sales and Marketing for Carbite Golf. Steve’s deep knowledge of the golf market, trends, club design and manufacturing history have made him a favorite source of golf writers seeking to authenticate stories. He is also in demand as a consultant to several golf manufacturers and national organizations.


Sacks Parente Golf is participating in the PGA Show Demo Day at Orange County National Golf Center in Winter Garden, Florida on Tuesday, January 22 and will exhibit in booth #1010 January 23 through January 25 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Buyers, distributors and media are invited to visit the company during demo day and during the PGA Show to view and experience the Sacks Parente technology. Rich and Steve will be on hand to demonstrate the technologies incorporated and answer questions.


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About Sacks Parente Golf


Sacks Parente Golf Company was founded by Steve Sacks and Richard Parente, a legendary duo of golf professionals, who as entrepreneurs have founded, built and grown some of the best names in golf. They have advised, consulted and designed clubs for the who’s who of the industry over a combined 100+years. Sacks Parente Golf is based in Camarillo, California, in a facility designed with state-of-the-art robotics and analytic instruments to test and prove the science of putting. The company is backed by sophisticated and strategic investors from the USA and Japan. Sacks Parente Golf is an NXV company.