eGull Launches at the PGA Merchandise Show and Announces the Deployment of eGull Pay on a Number of Golf Courses in the U.S. ​

CARLSBAD, CA, January 22, 2018– eGull, Inc., developer of the eGull Pay App, announces its official launch at the PGA Merchandise Show along with the deployment of eGull Pay on a number of golf courses across the Unites States including St. Mark Championship and Executive courses in San Marcos, CA; Mt. Woodson in Ramona, CA; and Goat Hill Park in Carlsbad, CA. In addition, eGull Pay is also being rolled out to number of courses, including Orange Lakes in Kissimmee, FL, under the eGull Tutorial program. eGull will be in booth #579 at the PGA Show.
eGull has also signed a number of PGA Section Strategic Partnerships where the company and the Sections will promote this new way to Play and Pay by the Hole. Sections who have already committed to the program include the Southern California PGA Section, the North Florida PGA Section and 4 other sections that are reviewing agreements at the PGA Show. The program is available to all 41 PGA Sections in the United States and inquiries should be directed to Pascal Stolz, CEO.
As part of the launch at the PGA Show, eGull, Inc. is hosting an education session on Thursday, January 25th at 2:00 p.m. entitled: Time is Priceless. Learn how to grow the Game and Revenues one hole at a time. The session will feature:
  • Tim Hunt, head of marketing for the European Tour, a newly announced eGull strategic partner, will share the vision of the European Tour for short format golf.
  • Manuel Biota, CEO of the largest Golf operator in Europe, Blue Green, will share the success they have witnessed in Europe since the deployment of eGull Pay on all 70 courses under management, including the host of the 2018 Ryder Cup – The Golf National.
  • Pascal Stolz, CEO of eGull, Inc. will provide live demos of the eGull Pay app and explore a number of best practices and new scenarios to drive more golfers to more golf courses. A special announcement will also be made on some strategic initiatives eGull will announce post PGA Show to drive golfers to participating eGull Pay locations.
“The momentum has been growing ahead of the PGA Show for this incredible technology poised to enhance the game,” said Bob Visotcky, eGull Chief Revenue Officer. “We have been receiving tremendous interest from sales representatives and we have already signed independent reps covering North Florida & the Emerald Coast; Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin & Northern Ohio; Indiana, Kentucky, Southern Ohio; North Texas & Oklahoma; Washington and Oregon; and North Georgia. We still have territories open and I welcome qualified reps to come see me at the show at booth #579.”
Mo Moore, an accomplished golfer and industry veteran, is a former Director of Sales for The Golf Channel, and is now covering the Midwest for eGull Pay. According to Moore, “In our very busy and family lives, there is less and less time to squeeze in 18. When I heard about eGull Pay and Play and Pay by the Hole, I immediately recognized that eGull’s technology is exactly what the golf industry needs to increase play and revenues, and I am excited to be one of the first to help promote this incredible opportunity to assist golf operators grow the game.”
Free to course operators and free to the golfer, the eGull Pay App is a simple add-on to any tee-sheet. The course is in control to set the hours open for play and the course sets the price per hole. Golfers check in at the pro-shop and the app does the rest. eGull Pay is the Uber of Golf tracking the holes golfers played via GPS and charging their credit card when they are done. Course operators can now more easily fill unused inventory without having to discount it while attracting busy executives, millennials, women and new players.
Golf clubs interested in offering eGull Pay at their courses can visit or contact Bob Visotcky at PGA Sections can contact Pascal Stolz at to learn how to drive incremental revenues through the eGull/PGA Section Partnership Program.



About eGull, Inc.

eGull was founded to help grow participation in the game of golf. For golfers pressed by time and challenged to commit to a full 9 or 18 holes (women, seniors, kids, beginners, after work, etc.), eGull brings golf to parity with most sports that can be played for a set amount of time. For golf course operators, eGull is a GPS technology-based yield management program and mobile application to monetize play by billing for the number of holes played via Play and Pay by the Hole™ and grow incremental revenues through better utilization of off-peak inventory. For more information, visit