Best-selling Everyday Golf Coach series launches new ‘Power’ app


(Rickmansworth, UK, October 31, 2011) Everyday Golf Coach, the best-selling coaching app for iPad and iPhone has returned with a new app that will help golfers increasetheir power – hitting longer and straighter shots.

Everyday Golf Coach Power follows on from the original comprehensive coaching app that has been downloaded more than 100,000 times worldwide, and takes golfers through the mechanics of power, utilising a comprehensive new coaching package to help them increase their ball striking power.

This new coaching package, provided by the creator of Everyday Golf Coach and pioneering PGA Professional Noel Rousseau, delivers a library of high definition coaching videos as well as a unique interactive SwingSequence feature that combines Rousseau’s coaching insight and clear delivery with the advanced capability of the Apple software to provide the user with a visually outstanding and fun training tool.

Filmed using the latest super slow-motion Phantom HD camera, the Power app gives users a unique insight into the different aspects of the golf swing that enable the professionals to generate extreme swing speed, power and more distance.
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The SwingSequence feature covers the key body movements of the golf swing in super slow motion, allowing the user to learn the concept of power and the dynamic relationship between all the moving parts of the golf swing.

“When this is performed in the right sequence it can generate more power and thus create extra distance,” said Noel Rousseau, who regularly features in best-selling golf magazines. “During the SwingSequence, 11 hot spots appear on the model golfer – the user simply taps on a hot spot to view an in-depth coaching video explaining therelevant movement. Alternatively, manual mode allows the user to scroll through the entire swing under the fine control of the swipe of their finger.

“The Phantom camera is so technologically advanced the user can scroll through the swing to reveal every minute detail of the movement in crystal clear definition.”

As with it’s predecessor Rousseau delivers high quality coaching to accompany the videos with comprehensive and easy-to-understand notes, making it clear and simple for every golfer to follow.

As you would expect from a PhD student, Rousseau’s content is well researched. It also contains a fascinating interview with sports scientist Dr Matt Bridge that explains the concept of kinematic sequencing through his presentation ‘The Science of Power’.

Judging by the first reviews on the app store, users have been extremely pleased with what they see and appreciate the honest and personal approach to golf coaching.

Pjlawson said: “Fantastic app. Really clear insights into how to create a powerful swing. The interaction between the library and theswing sequence section is seamless and really impressive to use. The best teaching app out there!”

Steven Terence added: “If you are looking to buy your first golf tuition app then go no further and buy this. If you already have some,delete them all and just use this. Simple, informative and put together verywell. There is no better golf app out there.”